What do we do?

At Virtual Para Inc. – we provide only the best of educational tools for the education sector. Thus Virtual Para tool helps teachers to create and design effective lesson plans...

What's new?

Our website is finally finished. Stay up to date with Virtual Para for software updates, teaching tips and other fun, interesting and important news...


Most companies start from the top down - which means that most of the time, the decisions regarding the tools and programs that we use to help us teach are developed by...


Our Mission at Virtual Para Inc. is to simplify lives of teachers and make the parents of our students' active participants in their child's education...


Coming Soon...

  • Create lesson plans, assignments and assessments that are directly linked to students, IEP, classroom and common core standards and goals.
  • Easily communicate with parents, administrators and support staff on a daily basis, regardless of the number of students that an educator has.
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